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The effects of UV lamps and spots are undisputed. UV-C lamps with 254nm wavelength have the potential to purify or illuminate with UV radiation surfaces or air of even entire rooms. Another application is the UV polymerization with UV-A and a wavelength around 365nm. UV chambers are pefect appliances for such applications, available in different scales.

UV low pressing factor lights are utilized solely in the exquisite aluminum gadgets to lessen both the temperature and energy utilization. The items to be lighted can be brought so near the outer layer of the UV lights, empowering a compelling work process. All UV lights can be fitted with various frequencies progressively colossally their fields of utilization.

The advantages of UV chambers

  • Use for multiple tasks
  • Low-temperature development
  • Decreased exposure time with increased effectiveness
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Safety for human health and the environment
  • The modular system allows needs orientation

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