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Ozone, a changed over type of oxygen is an incredible bactericide a nature’s gift, microbiological control substance, because of its high oxidizing limit. The utilization of Ozone is a characteristic method of treatment and sterilization measure, which doesn’t abandon a path or any unsafe substance, for example synthetic results. Miniature creatures are consistently present on food things including flavors, spices, products of the soil natural products. At nearly sequential temperature, the pace of development of microbes is lower, anyway at typical temperature the miniature organic entities develop at an exceptionally quick rate and miniature burden on the food things increments. High checks antagonistically influence the nature of items in regard to saving newness and length of safeguarding.

Cold conservation temperature is distinctive for various ware. In the event of Meat and Meat items it is – 20 to – 30oC, while for Spices, Herbs and Dry Fruits 5 to 10oC is kept up with. The safeguarding temperature depends on the way that the bacterial development is least and hence the food things stay new for a more extended duration.During stockpiling, handling and Cold Storage for the control of miniature organic entities or keeping a microbes free climate, fumigation is utilized by utilizing various synthetics. Fumigation being a manual cycle, gives conflicting sanitization and impact fragrance, taste and presence of the items. It is additionally exceptionally badly arranged to work after fumigation, hurtful for the working personals and the individual devouring the items.

Another serious issue is deficiency of weight because of decrease of dampness content from the item. To control this boundaries humidifier are utilized. High mugginess and absence of enlightenment causes higher development of miniature pollution.

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