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Ozone System

When ozone is added to water, it quickly dissolves contaminants without any changes to the composition of water and introduces no odor or taste. The ozonation method is highly effective in killing bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that contaminate water and can lead to cancers and other related illnesses.

While picking an ozone generator, take a gander at the expense of the total framework, not just the ozone generators. In the event that you pick a generator that produces ozone at a lower fixation, the expense for oxygen gear and creation will be superfluously high.

I consequently suggest introducing and running the ozone generators at fixations at or above 13% wt. The higher focus and following lower gas stream will, from multiple points of view, advantage you in the plan of the remainder of the framework.

We generally prescribe to channel the oxygen in two stages and have the pressing factor controller not long before the ozone generator. This way the information gas pressure doesn’t rely upon the channel status. Prior to appending the oxygen association with the generator is ought to consistently be cleansed. No exemptions!

To limit the danger of water being pushed in reverse in the ozone pipe, causing possible harm, we prescribe all establishments be outfitted with a discharge security framework. The standard check valve is sufficiently not. It must be a functioning arrangement that closes naturally, is opened just when advised to by the generator or control framework, and sends input to the generator or control framework with framework status. Something else, in the event, that it closes and the generators don’t stop, the danger for harm to control supplies and reactors is up and coming.

In the event that your framework has the need for repetition, a framework regulator that permits various units to function as one will limit the requirement for excess limit. By adding a “backup unit”, yet rather than having it in backup, running all units consistently yet at decreased obligation level, the requirement for the excess limit is kept to a base.

Simultaneously, the ideal opportunity for recuperation after a disappointment is negligible. When running an ozone arrangement of numerous units, the requirement for repetition can be just about as low as 20%. That is 5 units for the interest and 1 unit for the reinforcement limit, all units running simultaneously, yet at a decreased obligation level of 83% (5/6). A plan like this lessens CAPEX by 40%.

With the recently referenced higher ozone grouping of basically 13% wt, the gas volume is just half of the standard ozone generators running at 6-7% wt, and just 25% of the air took care of units.

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