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Cold storage humidification & humidity control

At the point when air enters a virus store, its dampness content drops as its temperature falls underneath dew point and water gathers on to the virus surfaces, especially the cooling loops in the refrigeration framework.

As the air flows around the chill store it warms, lessening its relative stickiness. The hotter air draws dampness from any surface it can, including the actual produce. This prompts item weight reduction – as much as 20% – and cells become less bloated, influencing the appearance, quality and timeframe of realistic usability of the produce, all of which diminish the worth of the stock.

Ideal conditions differ as indicated by the particular sort of organic product, vegetables, blossoms or other food item being put away yet, commonly, a stickiness of around 95%RH at a temperature simply above freezing is required at the same time, even produce put away in hotter conditions advantage from a moistness level around 75%RH. 

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