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The produce available in the supermarkets is ridden with contamination on the surface which can make us extremely sick. With the pollution levels at an all-time high, the contamination of fruits and vegetables is apparent. Washing the produce is certainly not enough in today’s day and time.

For your ordinary products of the soil cleaning needs, a vegetable purifier does much more than running water. It is a kind of vegetable clothes washer that cleans and filters the produce like vegetables, leafy foods meat and fish. OIT, a dependable Indian medical services brand, is known for its inventive home machines, and one such item is their Ozone Vegetable Purifier. It can eliminate pesticides and kill organisms like microorganisms, infections, and parasites from the external layer of the produce

Ozone, when blended in with water, disinfects the outer layer of products of the soil, and is likewise a viable method of disposing of unsafe pesticides and microorganisms. Ozone gas delivered by OIT’s Vegetable Purifier is totally ok for the wellbeing and is disintegrated in water before any prologue to products of the soil. It oxidizes the lingering synthetic compounds left over by pesticides from the outer layer of vegetables, new products of the soil. With an ozone yield of 200mg/h, it viably disposes of all poisons.

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