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Humidification & humidity control in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Many cycles in drug fabricating require tight command over moistness. Tablet coatings with fluid arrangements need exact dampness to guarantee the covering doesn’t dry excessively quick or too leisurely. Printing with water-based inks can be antagonistically influenced by dry air. Low stickiness causes an expansion in static, which thusly can make materials adhere to one another causing issues with pressing.

Having the option to reliably and dependably control mugginess levels in drug fabricating, regardless of the surrounding cools are, prompts a more proficient creation line, expanded yields, and diminished waste. Condair offers frameworks fit for controlling mugginess levels with most extreme exactness and the expert embellishments, for example, sensors and appropriation pipes, expected to control and convey the stickiness. These items are joined with the plan information Condair has from broad involvement with the area, to guarantee the moistness control framework conveys the specific conditions needed by a drug producing measure.

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