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Ordinary methods for solids evacuation, like wipe/person floss channels and sand channels address the expulsion of coarse settleable and filterable solids, yet not the expulsion of fine colloidal solids. Likewise, nitrifying microorganisms in bio-channels eliminate broke down alkali and nitrite, yet not all disintegrated natural squanders. As an aquarium develops, the gathering of broke down natural colloidal solids increments. This natural development diminishes the presentation of the nitrifying microbes that convert nitrite to nitrate, hence causing hurting nitrite development. The biochemical oxygen request likewise rises, so the oxygen levels decline over the long run. These changes in water boundaries stress the aquarium occupants and may even reason mortality.

Fine and colloidal solids consist of particles 1-30 microns (mm) and 0.001 (mm) respectively. The small size of the particles enables the solids to remain in suspension and avoid most mechanical methods of separation. The accumulation of fine and colloidal solids can impair bio-filter nitrification efficiencies and stress fish stocks

High levels of Dissolved organic compounds can stress fish and reduce nitrification efficiencies of the bio-filter.Nitrite can accumulate as production intensifies and organic loadings increase. Bacteria that process ammonia into nitrite (Nitrosomonas spp) operates more efficiently under high organic loadings than bacteria that process nitrite to nitrate (Nitrobacter) and levels of nitrite rise accordingly. High levels of nitrite can be toxic to fish. Data available for silver perch, bidyanus bidyanus indicates levels of nitrite as low as 2.8 parts per million (ppm) can reduce growth of fingerlings by 5%.The high stocking densities, associated fish stress and increased nutrient loads found in RAS create an ideal environment for fish pathogens.

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