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For the most part Chlorine and different synthetic compounds are added to the washing water with the end goal of sterilization. The washing water utilizing synthetic compounds leaves destructive results for example Chloramines and Trihalomethanes and so on which isn’t just bothersome yet utilization of synthetics is additionally prohibited in certain applications and the utilization of synthetic compounds is being eliminated fast.Ozone is a most proficient Natural Broad-Spectrum Microbiological control substance and exceptionally receptive Disinfecting specialist. On the off chance that the vegetables are washed with solid Ozonated water, not just the microbial burden on to the surface get decreased or the Ozonated water annihilates any Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts and Pathogens on the outside of food things washed with this water, in an extremely brief term.

The pesticides (which are long chain natural parts) gets oxidized to short chain segments lastly into innocuous components. To close, the Ozonated water or the solid cleaned water utilized for washing of vegetables and natural products will make them new, longer time span of usability and naturally harmless.Today utilization of Ozonated water is considered by most to be the best accessible and cutting edge innovation for washing leafy foods, CIP and numerous different applications and a greatly improved option than utilizing chemicals.The Ozonated washing water ought to have adequate sanitization ability to clean the vegetables or the item being washed with it. In such an applications Ozone focus in the washing machine water ought to be relatively higher in the scope of 0.2 to 1.0 ppm. Genuine fixation needed to be kept up with relies on the criticality of use.

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