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Crop storage humidification, dehumidification & humidity control

At the point when crops, especially salad vegetables, are collected in the late spring months, the harvests are at whatever temperature relates on that day. For the yield to arrive at the client it must be kept new and, to do this, the harvest is cooled quickly to somewhere in the range of 2 and 4°C. In the event that the yield has been reaped at >20°C, the level of cooling needed to carry the harvest to capacity temperature will harm the harvest.

The humidification is in this way planned to work when the chilling is, to give a haze in the store with the goal that the yield can reabsorb dampness from the air and furthermore to give remaining dampness to keep dampness misfortune from the harvest during the following chill cycle.

The typical cycle is 15 minutes of cooling followed by 5 minutes of hazing, this cycle being rehashed until the yield is down to temperature. There is no moistness control for this cycle and control is accomplished by utilizing a planning circuit in the plant control board that runs the humidifier. It is important that the fans from the chiller plant run constantly during this interaction so the air appropriation ways are kept up with.

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