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Company Profile

QUALITY POLICY Ozone india technology are commited to excellent and total customer satisfaction through team work,ceaseless innovation and timely delivery of quality product. QUALITY OBJECTIVE Continually improve the customer satisfaction.
Continually developing the product to cater to the changing need of the costumer.
Ensuring on time deleivery to the costumer.
Vision Touching every life across the globe through high technology product and service.
Mission We wil drive growth through our excellent in manufacturing.
We will move up the value chain through rapid development of technology ,product and service.
We will leverage our relationship ,distribution,cost leadership and “can do” attitude to become a global market leader in every life.
Value Teamwork ,integrity,passion & speed.
Ozone India Technology is committed to excellent and total customer satisfaction through team work, ceaseless innovation and timely delivery of quality product.
We are continuously improve corona discharge ozone generator, system ,ozone application of effectiveness of quality management system through the use of the quality policy, quality objective, audit result, analysis of data, corrective & pre-ventive action.
O3 gas so strong oxidizing power that is used for sterilization, deodorization, bleaching or other purposes. It decomposes red into O2.
CORONA DISCHARGE METHOD-The hot spark coronal discharge method of ozone production .ozone gas is generate by Appling high voltage through dielectric between electrode and supply air or oxygen .the electrode structure is circulating and creeping discharge and ozone gas generated from low concentration to high concentration (depending upon voltage),cooling system, electrode structure.
At OIT, we believe that our consistent ability to deliver quality product has our key differentiator. We has institute a continuous quality improvement culture and a strong system deriven focus to ensure that quality of our product consistly meet or exceed benchmark.
We follow comprehensive
7 Quality tools(check sheet,pareto charts,histograms,cause & effect diagram, run chart, scatter diagram,contrl chart) quality control measure at every stage under quality professional
Who have LEAD AUDITOR –ISO-9001:2008 FROM NITS
(Bureau Indian sundered) New Delhi,
SIX SIGMA GREEN BELTS from Indian statistical institute, New Delhi.
Six-sigma is a scientific, innovative & strategic way of doing business supports our customer satisfaction.


Each molecule of Ozone contains three atoms of Oxygen and chemically written as 03. Its light blue in colour and high energy excited state of Oxygen. Ozone gas is detectable due to its distinctive pungent odour. It converts back naturally to Oxygen and this makes it the preferred choice for disinfection of Water, Air and Food items.

Ozone india technology

Ozone india technology company for Development, Production and Sale of High graded Ozone Generators and Ozone Systems for virtually each of ozonator applications like Packaged Drinking Water, Swimming Pool, Waste Water treatment, effluent treatment, laundry, cooling tower water treatment and air purification etc.

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