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Ozonation Systems :
Water Treatment Systems
  • Diffusion in a tank.
  • Ventury injection with static mixer for enhanced absorption
  • Continuous Ozone Absorption System for mineral water plants.
  • Drinking Water On-Line Ozonation

This Ozone Mixing System is a state of art mixing technique for getting a dissolution efficiency of 85-95%. Normally for Ozone Injection, a Pressure Differential of 1.5 to 2.0 kg/cm2 is required between Inlet and outlet of Ventury Injector. To develop such Pressure Differential at the Pipeline the flow gets adversely affected due to throttling of Pipeline by Flow Control Valve. In the proposed system there is no change in the flow of the water in the pipeline due to the injection of Ozone. The system will consist of a Booster Pump, Ventury Injector, Static Mixer on a By-Pass Header. Booster Pump is installed on the by-pass line and will take about 20% of the water from a tapping on main pipeline; a Ventury Injector will be installed at the outlet of the pump for injecting Ozone into the water. For better mixing of Ozonated water in the main stream, a static mixer is installed after the Ventury Injector thus this concentrated Ozone mixed water is fed back in the main line making it totally disinfected, at the same time maintaining a constant pressure and flow in the line.

  • De-Odorization & freshening of guest rooms
  • Bars & Restaurants Deodorization
  • Dining rooms & kitchen Deodorization
  • Food Processing Area
  • Mineral Water Filling Area
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Hospital rooms, ICU's, Operation Theatres etc.
  • Other Clean Areas
  • Washing Vegetables, Fruits, Meat, Fishes & other items in Ozonated water with Ozone diffuser mounted in tank bottom to disinfect before packing, cooking or shipping.
  • Disinfection of Dry Vegetables, Bits, Powder & Piece before packing.